Upload to 2017 MIO-TCD Challenge

  1. Download dateset to your computer from the DATASET page.
  2. Run your algorithm.
  3. Upload your results to the corresponding challenge dataset. Note: We only support CSV file. (DATASET page contains the sample code of generating CSV file.)

Results for a given method should not be uploaded more than twice.
This system is intended to report your results on the testing dataset, not for optimizing hyper-parameters.

Contact information
ex. John.
ex. Smith
ex. jsmith@hotmail.com
ex. University of Sherbrooke
ex. motionTech
ex. www.usherbrooke.com/cs/motionTech
ex. J. Smith "A new motion detection method called motionTech". In IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 15(1):1168-1177, 2006
Classification or Localization

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